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We’re aiming for 160,000 kgs of stock feed by March 2019!*

Our first quarter target for June is 40,000 kgs.
Every bag of dry dog or cat food you buy helps!

0 42750 kgs
And counting...

40,000 kgs

of stock feed!

loaves of bread

(700g loaf)

80,000 kgs

of stock feed!

sheep meals


120,000 kgs

of stock feed!

cups of rice

(uncooked 200g)


of stock feed!

8 semi trailers

(max 20 ton)

High five!

so far we've
of aussie dog dinners
1000's kgs
of aussie produce
2 years

*Terms & Conditions.
We will calculate the total weight of IVORY COAT COMPANY GOODS Australian Natural Health Grain Free dry dog and cat food (2kg, 3kg, 6kg, 13kg and 20kg bags) sold in Australia each quarter between 1 March 2018 and 28 February 2019. We will purchase the equivalent of 5% of each total quarterly weight in stock feed suitable for sheep and cows from our supply partners Riverina (Australia) Pty Limited and Ridley Corporation Limited and donate it to our charity partner Aussie Helpers Limited (“Aussie Helpers”). Aussie Helpers will collect and distribute the purchased stock feed to Australian farmers according to need, in its absolute discretion, at no cost to those farmers. Real Pet Food Company and its related entities are not responsible for the allocation, distribution or delivery schedule of the donated stock feed. Real Pet Food Company and its related entities do not guarantee the quality of any stock feed and cannot be responsible for any loss or damage suffered. All questions or concerns regarding the stock feed should be directed to Aussie Helpers. Any projected donation amounts or targets are estimates only, based on sales forecasts. The total amount of feed donated by us to Aussie Helpers will be published on this website on a monthly basis.